MagicINFO 8 Is Here

Version 8 brings a major update in the MagicINFO solution. It still delivers on content and device management, but with a much greater focus on data analysis.

The new and improved Datalink provides real-time data updates from a centralised source – perfect for menu boards, currency boards and so on.

MagicINFO Analytics is a completely new feature. It enables signage to adapt to data to deliver optimal promotions. We can now use PoS/weather/footfall data to improve our messaging, then measure the results.

We can even use this data to create conditional schedules (for example – if it’s raining, promote the items that sold best on rainy days last month).

MagicINFO Insight is also a new feature – it delivers easy-to-understand playback dashboards for advertisers and managers.

The new W-Player is another step forward. We can now create HTML, CSS and JavaScript content, within MagicINFO, without any coding required.

Device management has been improved with Advanced Email Notifications, Direct Remote Control and Advanced Security Control.

If you would like to find out more about any of the features of MagicINFO, please get in touch with a member of our team.

Or click here to buy MagicINFO licenses.

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