MagicINFO Licenses

MagicINFO has changed a lot in recent years and with change can come confusion. So our team at Jooku has written this helpful guide as a cheat sheet for everything you need to know about the MagicINFO licensing model.

The Basics

MagicINFO requires two elements to run:

  1. MagicINFO Server
  2. MagicINFO Player

(there is also the Author, but that is not essential).

MagicINFO Server runs on a server, as the name suggests, and is what you use to communicate with your Players.

MagicINFO Server does not require a license. You can obtain it for free and install it on as many servers as you like.

MagicINFO Player will be installed on a media player on-site. One license is required per player, which allows you to connect that player to the MagicINFO Server.

Normally this translates to one license per screen, but not always. If you have a single player powering a video wall with say 9 screens, then you only need one license for the entire video wall display*.

All licenses are perpetual and only need to be purchased once. However, depending on the size of your digital signage network and your business resources, it may be cost-effective to purchase using a SaaS license model. Jooku’s MagicINFO Cloud includes hosting, proactive monitoring, reactive support and firmware updates.

*There are various options to set up a video or LED wall, each with pros and cons. We recommend to speak to one of our experts if you are considering this.

Types of Licenses


It’s important to cover these first as there is a lot of information (either out of date or just wrong), which still talks about the obsolete licenses as the latest versions. If you are running and old version of MagicINFO, you may still be using some of these.

  • MagicINFO Premium I License
    • also known as: MagicINFO I or MagicINFO I Player
    • was used for: the MagicINFO I Player installed on Windows devices
    • replaced by: MagicINFO Unified License
  • MagicINFO Premium S License
    • also known as: MagicINFO S or MagicINFO S Player
    • was used for: MagicINFO S Player installed on Tizen and pre-Tizen Samsung devices
    • replaced by: MagicINFO Unified License
  • MagicINFO Android License
    • also known as: MagicINFO A
    • was used for: MagicINFO Android Player installed on Android devices
    • replaced by: none
  • MagicINFO Video Wall & Video Wall Author Licenses
    • was used for: creating content for and managing video wall displays
    • replaced by: MagicINFO Unified License & MagicINFO Author/Web Author respectively

Note: If you are currently running MagicINFO using Premium I/S licenses and would like to update your MagicINFO server to a newer version, you will need to purchase new MagicINFO Unified licenses.

  • MagicINFO Unified License
    • By far the most common type of license and for the vast majority of users, this will be all you need. The Unified license gives full player functionality, including remote management (see below).
  • MagicINFO Lite License
    • Much more limited than the Unified license, the Lite license may be suitable if you have very few (1-2) signage locations where only basic images and videos will be used. The Lite License does not include remote management.
  • Remote Management (RM) License
    • Allows you to use the MagicINFO Virtual Remote to monitor your entire signage estate in real time. The RM license does not include any content management features and is usually used alongside a third-party CMS.
  • MagicINFO Author License
    • Used to create advanced content for MagicINFO players. Less advanced content creation can be done using the MagicINFO Web Author, which does not require a license. Over time, Samsung plans to migrate all the features of MagicINFO Author over to the Web Author.
  • MagicINFO Data Link License
    • Used to link content to a centralised database so that on-screen data can be updated dynamically. Can be used for QSR menu boards or exchange rates, for example.
  • MagicINFO Analytics License
    • Used to collect data on customer behaviour and from external sources such as weather. This data can be used to trigger rules-based content updates.

MagicINFO 8

MagicINFO 8 was released in 2020. It has brought with it some changes to the licensing model by splitting the Unified license into an Old and a New version.

  • Old Unified License – compatible with MagicINFO Server version 7 and below
  • New Unified License – compatible with MagicINFO Server version 7 and above

The Old Unified license can no longer be purchased, but you can extend an existing license if you own one. If you plan to use MagicINFO Server version 8, you will need to purchase the new license.

MagicINFO 8 also introduces a maintenance fee, which is triggered for all New licenses when the MagicINFO server version is updated beyond version 8 (from 9 onwards). Note that you are not obligated to update MagicINFO Server each year so you may choose to continue running an older version to avoid the maintenance fee.

Cloud Hosted vs On-Premise

Depending on your business and signage portfolio, you may choose to use a cloud hosted or on-premise MagicINFO solution. Different suppliers may offer one or both.

Generally a cloud hosted solution will be faster to set up, require less resource from your business and will give you the safety of having an industry expert on hand to tend to your signage when needed.

An on-premise solution will require more resource and investment from your business to get up and running. However, in the long term it may be more cost-effective to run depending on your signage portfolio and business needs.

Below is an overview of Jooku’s Cloud Hosted and On-Premise solutions:

  • MagicINFO Server is set up and maintained for you, ready to log in and connect your displays.
  • Full support is included for the MagicINFO solution and the server environment should you have any issues.
  • An ongoing fee is paid to cover hosting and support services.
  • Only MagicINFO Licenses are provided by Jooku – the set up and maintenance is taken care of by you.
  • Support is not provided unless a separate agreement is put in place – otherwise you will need to invest in properly training your staff to understand, maintain and support the solution.

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