MagicINFO Lite vs Unified Licenses

Followers of this blog will know that the MagicINFO Unified is the new name for the old Premium licenses.

It’s a welcome change in our opinion since “Premium” seems to be a trigger word for many people desperate to keep costs down. Which is somewhat understandable but we’ve seen this cloud customers’ judgement and, you guessed it, end up costing them more money.

So this article is to help you make an informed, objective choice about which license is best for you. You cannot convert a Lite license to Unified, so if you do need to change later you will have to buy new licenses.

Lite LicenseUnified License
ContentUpload images and video files only
in standard formats (mp4, jpg, png
and so on).
Upload images and videos as well as:
PowerPoint, Word and PDF
documents; web content; weather,
RSS and other widgets; multiple
content files playing at the same
PlaylistsSimple playlists, which play content
from first to last.
Simple playlists as well as: nested
playlists, randomised playlists,
content transitions, tagged playlists
and sync play.
SchedulesSimple schedules, playing specified
content and the programmed time.
Simple schedules as well as: dynamic
rules based schedules, sync play and
advertising schedules.
Device ManagementBasic remote management, allowing
key features of control only such as
turning a display on/off.
Basic remote management as well as:
the virtual remote, allowing full
visibility and control of every
compatible display.
Suited forBusinesses with small signage
networks in a small number of
locations. Those who are new to
digital signage and who don’t plan
to explore any advanced features.
Where reasonable screen downtime
does not cause a major problem.
Businesses with larger signage
networks in a larger number of more
widespread locations. Those who
could make use of more advanced
features. Where screen reliability is
(correct at time of writing
dependent on quantity)

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