MagicINFO Server Version – Why Should I Care?

Regular readers will know that with MagicINFO we have different versions of the server, player and license. Each have a different effect on what you can do with the solution.

Today we’ll look at what effect the server version has and why you should care about which version you are using.

The MagicINFO application itself runs on a server. Players are connected to the server to download and play content. So the version of MagicINFO Server you have installed plays a major role in what functionality you can use, as well as the look and usability of the application and how reliable it is.

MagicINFO Server V3 and below

In its early days, MagicINFO was not a popular CMS, and rightly so. It had a well-earned reputation of basic functionality, an unintuitive interface and poor reliability.

If you are using version 3 or below, no doubt you’ve experienced this. It’s time to upgrade.

MagicINFO Server V4 to V7

MagicINFO version 4 was the solution’s first step into the main stream. This is when global license sales started to move from the hundreds to the hundreds of thousands. A newly designed interface was made so that non-technical users could easily upload and schedule content.

Advanced features were added such as nested playlists, advertising schedules, Web Author content creation and more advanced web content and scheduling capabilities.

The stability of the application and user permission controls were both greatly improved. It is now an enterprise level content management solution with many SaaS options.

If you are using version 4-7 then you’re in a good place, but keep reading.

MagicINFO Server V8 and above

MagicINFO Server version 8 brought the next big leap in functionality, as well as some changes to the licensing model.

New features included rules-based dynamic scheduling to allow businesses to change content automatically according to the weather or some other external data. The new W-Player lets you create HTML, CSS and JavaScript content, within MagicINFO, without any coding required. Device management has also been improved with Advanced Email Notifications, Direct Remote Control and Advanced Security Control.

The new MagicINFO Unified 2 license, released with V8, means that businesses will now have to pay a maintenance fee every time they upgrade server version. This is partly why our advice is not to rush to upgrade your MagicINFO Server every year.

Unless there are specific new features you would like to use, or fixes that will improve your signage, then your MagicINFO Server should run perfectly fine for 3 years or so with proper maintenance and checks.

When the time to upgrade does come around, it is important to properly test the new version and make sure you are able to migrate your data without bringing down your entire signage network.

Of course, if you are subscribed to our MagicINFO Cloud, we will take care of all of this for you. We test and migrate to new versions to ensure you always have access to the latest MagicINFO features.

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