S Player Versions – What Does It All Mean?

When our users first start using MagicINFO, generally it’s straightforward but there are a few slightly more technical terms to understand. One of those is the S player versions. If you’ve used MagicINFO before, you’ll have seen these as S6, S5, S4 and so on when creating a playlist or schedule.

We’ve created this article to help you understand what these really mean and why they’re important

As you may have read in our previous post, the MagicINFO Server version refers to the application running on your server. The MagicINFO Player version refers to the capability of the player itself. The higher the number, the more powerful the player.

The I player and A player run on Windows and Android devices respectively. S Players run on Samsung’s Smart Signage Platform.

S3 Player and below

Not all S Players are compatible with all server versions. For example, MagicINFO Server 8 is only compatible with S3 and above, so it’s important to know what hardware you plan to use.

The original S1 player is now coming up to a decade old. With a recommended lifetime typically being 5 years; if you are using an S1 Player screen you will probably be facing low brightness, poor reliability and possibly some serious security issues.

If you are using S1 Players, it is time to consider updating your devices.

S2 Players are compatible with MagicINFO Server V7 and below. S3 Players are compatible with V8 and below.

S3 and below all run on an older Linux based system, which is generally slower and more limited than the later Tizen systems. There is no need to immediately upgrade if you are using these screens, but you should plan this in the next couple of years.

These players can run into trouble if you are trying to play multiple videos, or video and web content on the same screen at the same time. Even with a single piece of video or web content, the device will have limited capability compared with newer player versions.

S4 Player and above

S4 Players and above all run on Tizen, a Linux based operating system primarily used by Samsung.

Although S4 Players were first released a few years ago, you are still able to buy new S4 Player devices today. This is testament to the fact they are a reliable and capable player.

The noticeable difference comes when you are running web applications that require a lot of processing power, playing 3 or more videos at the same time on screen or some other intensive use cases.

For this reason, when buying a screen it is always best to opt for the model with the newest player version. You will have the smoothest possible running of your content and ensure the longest useful lifetime for your display.

New screen models will also have better quality displays, higher resolution and other hardware benefits.

If buying used or leasing a display, we recommend to go for S4 player as a minimum wherever possible.

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