About Us

Jooku is a tech company with the vision to reinvent the way businesses express themselves. Whether you are a startup, SME or large corporation, we are here to help. We improve spaces for the newly growing business to be able to make their voice be heard and work with larger businesses to express their story in either corporate or consumer environments.
Jooku helps businesses all over the world connect with both their customers and their employees in more meaningful ways. Ways that get people excited and engaged. Ways that inform. And ways that help those businesses learn about these people so they can serve them better. We use Samsung digital display and mobile technology to help our clients grow.
We are a innovative business that is fascinated with the idea of reaching a broad, diverse and valuable audience with a completely new approach to digital signage and mobile. Our mission is to create seamlessly interactive and engaging content to give customers and employees an experience they won’t forget.


We will visit your site to get a full understanding of your requirements. Once we have established all the conditions and limitations we can provide you with an estimation of the cost.

Content Management

Accessible from anywhere, the content management system is a powerful tool for managing a multi-site digital signage system, which we can manage on your behalf.


We provide proactive support including display and content monitoring and resolving issues before any customer could notice (Brand Value Protection).

Global Samsung Partners

Jooku are partnered with Samsung Electronics to offer our clients end-to-end digital signage and mobile solutions. What does this mean for you? We will be a single point for all issues digital signage related. From sourcing the right equipment to scheduling the desired content on the displays. Using the content management system, MagicInfo we can help your business truly express its vision and relay product information. We are the official Certified MagicInfo Experts for Samsung. Our close partnership with Samsung allows us to offer our clients reduced rates on hardware and licenses as well as improved support and management services.

Jooku are also co-founders to a group of Samsung exclusive partners operating worldwide known as the Global Signage Alliance (GSA). The global signage alliance was formed with the same vision of providing our clients with an end-to-end solution capable of giving them the tools required to let their story be heard at corporate and consumer level. The GSA allows Jooku to operate on a global scale, whilst providing the client with a single point of contact but consistent experience and service globally.

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