Zone Analysis

Capture footfall and in-store movements to better understand your customer journey

  • Count footfall and produce heat maps to show where customers are spending the most, and the least, time in your stores.
  • Camera-based system means no personal data or images need be captured or stored.
  • Analyse trends to better understand and ultimately improve your in-store customer journey.

Understand your Customer Journey

We know it is important to understand the areas in your store or restaurant that attract the most and (more importantly) the least customer attention. So how do we go about doing this? And how do we process the results to improve the in-store customer journey? Jooku's camera-based Zone Analysis solution doesn't require customers to enable WiFi, Bluetooth or any other connection. Meaning every customer will be counted to build a complete image of in-store behaviour. Using our analytics platform, we can help you to dive deep into the data and bring back actionable improvements with verifiable results. The result? More visitors and revenue, a competitive service experience and reduced operational costs.

In-store customer trends

Analyzes customer traffic in real time, and collects data on in-store customers, categorizing by weather and even time of day.

Conversion funnel analytics

Check the customer response to products by comparing the sales rate to customer traffic during the set period.

Compare sales by store

Get fuller insights on sales patterns using various indicators such as foot traffic, purchases, and conversion rates

Product preference

Place products strategically by tracking customer movement and traffic within the store.

Manage staff flexibly

Enhance store operation efficiency by having the right amount of staff based on customer traffic.

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