MagicINFO Licenses

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Bringing MagicINFO to You

To many people, digital signage is a niche business. Not everyone understands the elements involved and what they do. Understandably, some business leaders are not clear where responsibility for digital signage should lie. So the hardware and installation may be … Read More

MagicINFO 8 Is Here

Version 8 brings a major update in the MagicINFO solution. It still delivers on content and device management, but with a much greater focus on data analysis. The new and improved Datalink provides real-time data updates from a centralised source … Read More

Focus on Grocery: What Happens Next?

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Maintaining Engagement with Consumers and Driving Sales in Lockdown

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Unlocking the Power of Analytics

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Weathering the Corona Virus Pandemic

With the high street not in brilliant shape before the pandemic, there have expectedly already been casualties in the last month and likely there will be more. Continuing our Retail Expo 2020 series, Caroline Baldwin – Editor at Essential Retail … Read More

How to Harness the Power of Mobile Shoppers

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Mark Price on Retail – View From the Top

We are certainly in unprecedented times and one of the hardest hit industries during the lockdown is retail and hospitality. Mark Price, the former Managing Director of Waitrose and Deputy Chairman of the John Lewis Partnership, gave us his take … Read More