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Dynamic, real-time data delivery without interruptions

MagicINFO Datalink delivers up-to-date information with simplified, real-time content management, by pulling external data from the customer database and sending to the MagicINFO Player. Users can create dynamic content with MagicINFO Datalink, adapting elements such as changes in price, exchange rates and interest rates, all of which can change in real time. This capability allows users to customize and display impactful information, streamlining content management, minimizing operation cost and with a host of new features also now added, MagicINFO Datalink ensures maximum business performance.

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Simple data integration and utilization

MagicINFO Datalink supports dynamic information delivery, presenting up-to-the-minute data for a straightforward, efficient and real time user experience. MagicINFO Datalink also supports a variety of user databases and doesn’t require any separate middleware to connect user data to the platform, making it easy no matter what infrastructure a user has in place. MagicINFO Datalink provides a straightforward drop-down menu for SQL, even without user knowledge of SQL language.
* Middleware or third-party software may be recommended depending on specific customer requirements.

Increased operational efficiency

MagicINFO Datalink utilizes data caching by analyzing data before downloading to the player to determine if there is a change in the data or not, with only new data being downloaded to eliminate unnecessary traffic. MagicINFO Datalink also supports data pushing, meaning that when the data is updated, the database sends only updated content to Datalink even before set cycle. Finally, multi-thread communication with multiple servers simultaneously, vastly improves data transmission rates in larger organisations and infrastructures.

Enhanced features and functionality

MagicINFO Datalink features backup solution that regularly saves the last 24 hours of data in XML format so if there is any network disruption, displays can showcase the right content based on matching the time. In addition to text data, Datalink also supports a versatile range of media content including video and images for any business need. For efficient operation, admin users can assign proper organisation access to each data module, setting restrictions and ensuring appropriate management of data and content.

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