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Diversify and enliven business content

Today’s businesses require new and compelling content avenues that capture audience eyes while also upholding their own brand identity. MagicINFO™ Author empowers users to create compelling content with a variety of templates, clip art, visual effects, QR codes and more to help drive customer engagement.

Convenient and compelling content creation

MagicINFO™ Author provides various embedded components for optimized content creation. Firstly, built-in templates and clip art, including decorative stickers and stamps, make content more visually appealing and grab the attention of consumers. Dynamic visual effects can also be added, bringing content to life with options such as snow, rain, confetti and smoke. Finally, Author supports built-in applications, including Media RSS, for full user integration.

Web content construction with no coding needed

MagicINFO™ Author makes it easier than ever to create web content, including HTML, CSS and JavaScript, without any coding required. A host of new embedded web components are available, allowing users to easily access widgets and upload their own custom web elements. These include custom design fonts to make their content stand out and ensure it aligns with any established brand guidelines, in addition to fully customized web effects for dynamic and engaging content.

Intuitive features for enhanced user experience

Custom font designs can be uploaded by users for fully customized content which aligns with established brand guidelines. Simple tagging of devices to a single URL destination means only one URL address is needed to access and edit content. Users can lock specific parts of content to prevent other users from modifying, while having the ability to also lock any element by size, position or design style. This allows for the localization of content, without changing key brand content such as logos.

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