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Powerful playback and stunning picture quality

MagicINFO Player’s powerful playback functionality offers new ways to engage and inform customers, providing advanced graphic performance and showcasing content in 8K quality. The Player can deliver three simultaneous FHD quality videos from multiple sources for more captivating storytelling and seamless playback eliminates gaps as content transitions. MagicINFO™ Player is compatible with multiple web formats and standards, allowing rich content playback. The embedded S Player also eliminates the need for an additional external media player or hardware, saving valuable space while reducing energy consumption and maintenance costs.

Powerful performance

MagicINFO Player provides each user with advanced graphic performance capability to showcase content in 8K quality for enhanced customer engagement. Player can also deliver up to three simultaneous FHD quality videos from multiple sources, in both portrait and landscape. These features are supported by seamless transitioning, preventing any lag or streaming delay while also eliminating black screens or gaps as content transitions to ensure customer attention is captured – and maintained.

Web content compatibility

MagicINFO Player is compatible with multiple web formats and standards including HTML5, allowing users to efficiently and effectively play content without any file conversion or additional steps required. And following the launch of the new W Player, rich web content can now be played without reliance on any device. Another new feature, Tizen App playback, also allows S Player to play Tizen app-based web content.

Smart download for more efficient content delivery

MagicINFO Player is supported by an advanced smart download feature, meaning the Player downloads content from the MagicINFO Server before distributing to other players via an internal network. This ensures the Server must only execute one data transition, avoiding any unnecessary network traffic and creating a more efficient process.

Event trigger

By interacting with specialized sensors, content or products are displayed based on recognition of specific customer behaviors. Compatibility with IR, NFC, Barcode and RFID indicators allows managers to program content that automatically appears following a customer action, ranging from personalized welcome messages to promotional content connected to a certain product or service. Users also can program certain areas of a display to react to specific customer responses, rather than replacing the entire screen.

Comprehensive security protection

Users can monitor and control the security settings of all displays, including network port access, USB navigation, Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, as well as the smart download feature based on each the security policy of each company. IT administrators can launch centralized, customer-specific security policies while also enabling or disabling device functionality such as displays in a public space, where access for passersby should be restricted for safety and security reasons.

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