Stay connected to your business

  • Discover an enterprise-ready, rugged smartwatch that’s secure, easy to manage and customize, and keeps your team connected every step of the way.
  • Engineered to last, with a long-lasting battery.
  • Jooku provide the full range of Samsung wearables.

Samsung Galaxy Watch

With Samsung’s 4G smartwatch you’re always connected. With or without your phone. Browse through your work emails seamlessly and respond to urgent messages. Keep active, the Galaxy Watch 4G automatically and accurately tracks your progress and gives you all the important details.


Samsung Galaxy Watch Active

Enjoy complete comfort, tailor it to suit your business style, stay on track and feel the freedom to stay fit. Thin, lightweight and tough, the stylish Galaxy Watch Active supports the work life balance. Whether it’s days out in the field, work social events or workouts, its elegant aluminium body is ready for all occasions.

Samsung Gear Fit2 Pro

Improve your work-life balance with the cutting-edge Gear Fit2 Pro, beautifully designed to empower an active lifestyle and keep you plugged-in anywhere, anytime.

Wearables for healthcare

With wearables at work, employees can keep a closer eye on their heart rates and avoid burnout. Hospital staff use them to monitor and advise patients. By increasing participation in work wellness programs, wearable technology can even help lower healthcare costs.

Wearables for wellness

In any workplace where employees sit for long periods, wearable technology can help get people moving and healthy. Truckers drive hundreds of miles every day without much physical activity. Our wearables monitor their movement, alerting them when they’ve been sitting too long, and guiding them through high-intensity workouts.

Wearables for productivity

Using wearables, hotel staff can respond to guest requests faster than ever, shaving minutes off response times. That increased efficiency means higher guest satisfaction. Whether it’s hospitality, manufacturing, or beyond, wearables are proven to monitor and drive productivity.

Wearables for safety

Police officers outfitted with hands-free wearables can receive important alerts wherever they go. A command staff tracks their locations and vital signs, and if their heart rate abruptly rises, sends backup. In higher-risk workplaces like warehouses and oil rigs, wearables monitor employee fatigue, making sure tiredness doesn’t cause injuries.

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