Content: Getting the Basics Right

A new signage network can be a significant investment and it’s important to get the most out of it. We’ve created this guide to help businesses navigate the basics and avoid the potholes that many fall into. … Read More

S Player Versions – What Does It All Mean?

When our users first start using MagicINFO, generally it’s straightforward but there are a few slightly more technical terms to understand. One of those is the S player versions. If you’ve used MagicINFO before, you’ll have seen these as S6, … Read More

MagicINFO Server Version – Why Should I Care?

MagicINFO has different versions for the server, player and license. Each have a different effect on what you can do with the solution. … Read More

System-on-Chip: Pros and Cons

We know every business is different. Here is an objective look at the good and the bad when it comes to SoC, so you can make up your own mind. … Read More

How and When to Use Remote Manager

Remote Manager is a low-cost, effective way to have more visibility and control of your network … Read More

MagicINFO Lite vs Unified Licenses

“Premium” seems to be a trigger word for many people desperate to keep costs down. Which is somewhat understandable but we’ve seen this cloud customers’ judgement and, you guessed it, end up costing them more money. … Read More

Bringing MagicINFO to You

To many people, digital signage is a niche business. Not everyone understands the elements involved and what they do. Understandably, some business leaders are not clear where responsibility for digital signage should lie. So the hardware and installation may be … Read More

MagicINFO 8 Is Here

Version 8 brings a major update in the MagicINFO solution. It still delivers on content and device management, but with a much greater focus on data analysis. The new and improved Datalink provides real-time data updates from a centralised source … Read More

Unlocking the Power of Analytics

In 2020, the role of big data analysis is growing exponentially. Dr Hannah Fry – Mathmetician, Broadcaster and Author – gives us a crash course and Jooku relates this to businesses and in particular digital signage. Using data is not … Read More